Airdrop bell Airdrop bell Airdrop all the way….

Not only Christmas gifts are around the corner also Palmswap Airdrops are. In the next 25 days there will be a total distribution of $20,000 to community members splitted into two Airdrops.

But what is palmswap?
Palmswap is a Decentralized Perpetual exchange on Binance smart chain. The Protocol will be live on its testnet at January 15. Learn more..

Airdrop1/Spread the news: 10,000$ Airdrop starting from Dec 20-Dec30.
Mission: Share the community airdrop event with your friends

Click here to participate:

UPDATE: Airdrop 2 has been postponed
Airdrop 2/Community : 10,000$ Airdrop starting from Jan 2-Jan 15.
Mission: Join Palmswap Community and be Part of our early stage family

Next Steps:
The BTC and ETH Perpetual market enters the private testnet on Jan 15th. The goal of the testnet is to solve the small kinks and gather early product feedback. After the Private Testnet round, the product will be released to additional users.

Testnet airdrop: 1,000,000 tokens
Whitelisting: From 07th January

Follow our Discord, Twitter & Telegram announcements if you want to participate on our Testnet. Learn more about our testnet..

Good luck to everyone, whitelisting introductions will only be announced to our intern community on our social media channels.





Palmswap is a decentralized perpetual protocol built on Binance Smart Chain.

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Palmswap is a decentralized perpetual protocol built on Binance Smart Chain.

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