Palmswap — Launchpad release & community Fair-launch

Today we are coming up with great news and celebrate that the PalmPad (Launchpad) is live and there are already first insights given for the first sale. The PALM community fair launch starting from 20th 12:00 PM UTC — 23rd September 2022 12:00 PM UTC.

Get early access to tokens with PalmPad…

The launchpad is built to fund projects in early stages and to support founders with the rest of their team to bring their vision into reality but that is not the biggest reason why we have our own launchpad. We believe that when the time comes the crypto bulls will awake and then our turn with a launchpad will come so we will give our community quality investment opportunities.

👉 Go to Launchpad:


Before we dive deeper into the Sale let me explain you more about PALM.

PALM is the governance token of the decentralized Perpetual Protocol Palmswap. PALM enables a robust ecosystem. Each designed to drive future growth and decentralization of Palmswap, resulting in a better experience for users.

Token Ecosystem:

🔥 Buyback & Burn with 50% revenue of the Exchange
🖥 DAO Governance & Proposal voting
📈 Staking interests
🔒 LP Farm
💰 Trading Rewards & Retroactive Trading Program
💸 Boost affilate earnings
📊 Launchpad

PALM sale will proceed with a community Fair-launch

A Community Fair Launch Pool is a new type of pricing mechanism for tokens that are newly launching. Not often used by launchpads but its a great potential for a successful launch. The reason why Palmswap works with a Fair Launch Program is because with a Fair Launch the community can determine the price and thus the initial value of the token is created naturally without front-running and speculation.

The Community Fair Launch pool will only be live for 3 days. It starts with $0.00 and goes up with each investment as the weights of the pool change. This prevents people from pushing other participants and speculating on PALM tokens instead of using them for governance and staking. At the end of the 3 days the Community Fair-launch is closed and the tokens are released for distribution.

The first Sale on the Palm Launchpad: PALM — Community Fair-launch

The PALM Sale will proceed on the PalmPad. Anyone can participate and there are no minimum/maximum invest limits — at least for the PALM Community Fair-launch. Since Palmswap is collaborating with major affiliates in the crypto industry we built a affilate Program around the Sale, very easy to understand and use. You can invite others to the sale and earn 3% commission on every sale that occurs on the PalmPad (counts aswell for participants in future sales) & anyone can be a affilate.

Sale Date: 20th — 23rd September on Palmpad

💰 Every participant gets the same average price!
💸 Invite your friends and earn additional PALM (3% commission)
🔏 Listed for 2x of the Fair launch price
🚫 No Sniper Bots or Gas Wars

How to participate in the Sale?

  • Have BNB ready in your wallet
  • Go to Launchpad & connect wallet
  • Enter amount of BNB
  • Click Deposit
  • Done ✅

👉 Learn more: Community Fair — Launch
👉 Participate in the Sale: Community Fair — Launch salespage
👉 Invite & earn 3% commission: Invite & Earn

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Palmswap is a decentralized perpetual protocol built on Binance Smart Chain.